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Promobot V.4

Promobot is an autonomous service robot for business. It is designed to work in crowded places, where it helps people with navigation, communicates and answers any questions, broadcasts promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom they had to communicate.

Banknote counters

3100 banknote counter

The modern, rear-loading, economy-class banknote counter is the optimal solution for companies with a small cash turnover.

Banknote counters

797 banknote counter

Banknote counters 797 are designed for processing banknotes in companies with an average cash turnover - the best choice for accounting, gas stations, small shops and HoReCa enterprises.

Banknote counters

TDC 7200 banknote counter

The banknote counter 7200 has all the necessary technical characteristics. Allows you to count banknotes, as well as check banknotes for authenticity. The counter counts banknotes regardless of their external state. If appears

MoniSafe 500 – electronic teller with closed cash cycle

The electronic cashier MoniSafe 500 provides increased productivity and security of the cash register service.

MoniSafe500SE electronic cashier with recycling function and docking unit

The company "Four banking solutions" presents an automated cash desk for self-collection of individual entrepreneurs and individuals


The latest innovative solution. Maximum performance and security. Monimax8800 reduces running costs and saves departmental resources. Maximum efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the cashier is able to provide a more efficient sale


Monimax 5600 Monofunctional office ATM

Maximum Reliability – The MoniMax 5600 is designed to provide long life with minimal maintenance. You won't have to worry about changing batteries or troubleshooting with a long uptime