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The companies we work with are leaders in their industry. Thanks to joint work, our company can offer you non-standard software solutions, as well as the most technologically advanced and innovative equipment that meets the highest quality standards.
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  • Naumen
  • (on the market since 2001, Russia, Moscow)
Carries out projects for the development and implementation of information systems in various industries. The company cooperates with telecom operators, banks, financial groups, authorities, state-owned enterprises, as well as with metallurgical companies and representatives of heavy industry, as well as with trade and production holdings. The company's business partners are IT companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and the Philippines.
The company is engaged in complex automation of banking services. "Delta-Systems" has developed and implemented an automation system for operating and cash rooms of the bank; technical and financial monitoring of network management of self-service devices; video surveillance system for ATMs; solutions that expand the functionality of ATMs.
Promobot is a major manufacturer of autonomous service robots in Russia. Today the company operates all over the world: more than 12 countries use the Promobot product. Several hundred robots perform the work of administrators, hostesses, promoters, museum guides. The equipment produced by this company increases the financial performance, customer loyalty and quality of service.
"SmartCard-Service" company is one of the leaders in the market of integrated solutions for payment and banking systems. Since 1997, SmartCard-Service has been cooperating with major banks, processing companies and retail chains in Russia and the CIS. The company develops and maintains relationships with local partners, which improves the quality of service in the regions and optimizes design work.