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Digital sins of the bank: how to avoid them

2 Jul 2018

In the 23 years since the launch of the first digital-only bank, Security First Network Bank, customer service in the banking industry has improved markedly. Today, most financial services have beautiful websites with intuitive interfaces and navigation. Every year there are more and more technological innovations that are actively ...

Visa and MasterCard: fingerprint reader

26 Jul 2018

Visa and MasterCard payment systems are considering the possibility of introducing fingerprint scanner technology on a bank card. Technology testing has already begun. According to the company's management, this innovation will improve the security of online payments. In addition, this will reduce the volume of fraudulent transactions in stores, because in such ...

Bank choice: employees or robots

2 May 2019

Citi's Group Chief Executive Jamie Forose was interviewed by the Financial Times (FT). According to him, within five years, more than 10,000 employees working with operating systems and technologies will lose their jobs in the investment bank. This reduction is due to the fact that the popularity of automated ...


21 Apr 2019

The concierge robot is able to integrate with the system of issuing passes, make audio and video calls to the recipients of visits, as well as advise and accompany people. The robot combines the functions of a security guard and a concierge. LOFTBOT meets visitors, issues pass cards according to the database, according to the code or according to the passport. With the help of the robot, residents also ...