FBS - оборудование и инновационные техники в банковском деле
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FBS is the first and only supplier of the PROMOBOT robot in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Our mission is to provide high-quality banking equipment to organizations in the financial sector and the consumer sector, as well as to optimize self-service processes. We strive to simplify the tasks of the financial sector, to optimize the time spent, and reduce the risks and errors that occur when working with clients.
The company sets itself the goal of improving the quality of services and introducing new standards of customer service. Four banking solutions keeps an eye on the innovative technology market and is among the first to offer its customers the latest developments.

Values of "FBS" LLP – responsibility, trust of customers. ManagementAbout us carefully monitors the implementation of all Contractual obligations. FBS professionals find an individual approach to each customer. We use our experience in working with financial systems to provide high-quality services. 

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